HaitiSpirit is an organization whose mission is to  promote artistic creations inspired by the haitian culture.

We honor the memory of our illustrious and deserving ancestors, and offer a new vision of the haitian ancestral spirituality.

We are commited to authenticity and celebrate differencies respectfully.

HaitiSpirit is an international showcase of meaningful and inspiring designs on good quality materials. Our designers are haitians and haitian descendants attached to their roots.

You’ll find here the best gifts for you and your loved ones that hold Haiti in their hearts.


Learn more about our Motto : An Army of One

Wilmino Jules
CEO / Founder

Extracting the substance and the deep beauty of Haitian culture is my biggest dream. I am an Army of One.

Yveny Jules

Beauty already resides in the eyes that can see it. I am only making it durable and shareable.

Kay Jules
Public Relations

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

–Peter Drucker